QWhy is it important to have my hood system cleaned?
A: Fire prevention is the most important reason to have regularly scheduled service.  Grease buildup in the duct fuels flames that can bypass the fire protection system, igniting walls and the roof of the building.  Roof fans need to be kept clean to prevent grease from dripping out and damaging the roof, and to prevent grease from depositing on fan blades and in the motor.  Repairs to rattling fans or burnt out motors are expensive and cause downtime to your business.  Clean system smells better outside the building, and is more efficient at pulling smoke from the kitchen.  Customers and staff will both appreciate a cleaner, cooler, and healthier dining environment.

QWhy can’t I just clean the hood system myself?
A: Customers who’ve tried this usually call us for service next time.  It can take hours of back-breaking, dangerous, messy effort that fails to achieve the results our knowledgeable professionals can accomplish in less time with our powerful, van-mounted industrial equipment.  In addition, most municipalities and insurance companies require proof that a professional company has done the job.

QHow long will it take? Do I need to do anything to get ready?
A: Most jobs take 2-3 hours and are done when the restaurant or facility is closed.  If no one is staying with the crew, they will need an emergency phone number and instructions on how to lock up.  The work area is covered with plastic, but the machine produces steamy vapor and very strong detergents are used.  Food, paper products, and dishes should be moved away from the work area.  For our work safety, fryers and ovens need to be off and have approximately 1/2 hour to cool.  It’s very helpful to have equipment pulled out if cleaning behind it is wanted.

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